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Terms and Conditions
CircaJerk! takes pride in the unquestionable quality and authenticity of the items that are offered on this site. Our standards are uncompromising and reflect CircaJerk!'s full commitment to collector and investor satisfaction. Pre-purchase email and/or telephone consultations are available and encouraged. If necessary, arrangements can be made for a private appointment to inspect your selection(s) prior to purchase. All sales are final.

Shipping and Handling
Items are shipped within seven days following collection of payment in full. Purchaser is responsible for payment of all shipping and handling costs.

Shipping and handling charges will vary from item to item depending upon size and weight with the larger, heavier items obviously costing more to ship than the smaller, lighter items. For example, a book, a tin, or a baseball card might only cost ten dollars to ship; a painting in a moderately sized frame (i.e. 3 ft. x 3 ft.) might cost eighty dollars to ship. At the other extreme, a pair of chairs or a very large framed movie poster might cost two or three hundred dollars to ship and an automobile upwards of a thousand dollars to ship. The cost of shipping also depends upon destination; shipping overseas, for example, is more costly than shipping within the United States. In all instances, however, please be assured that we will choose the least expensive way to securely ship your selection(s) to you and that you will receive a quote for total shipping costs after you place your order.

If your order is shipped within New York State, the New York State sales tax will be applied to your total.
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