Marilyn Monroe/Joe DiMaggio wedding photograph
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Marilyn Monroe/Joe DiMaggio wedding photograph
According to her autobiography, Marilyn Monroe did not want to meet Joe DiMaggio, fearing he was a stereotypical jock. Both were at different points in their lives: the just-retired Joe wanted to settle down; Marilyn's career was taking off. Their elopement at San Francisco City Hall on January 14, 1954 was the culmination of a courtship that had captivated the nation. The relationship was complex, marred by his jealousy and her ambition. She filed for divorce on grounds of mental cruelty 274 days after the wedding.

DiMaggio re-entered Marilyn's life as her marriage to Arthur Miller was ending. On February 10, 1961, he secured her release from Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic. She joined him in Florida where he was a batting coach for the Yankees. Their "just friends" claim did not stop remarriage rumors from flying. Reporters staked out her apartment building. Bob Hope dedicated Best Song nominee "The Second Time Around" to them at the 33rd Academy Awards.

Marilyn Monroe was found dead on August 5, 1962. Her death was deemed a probable suicide but has been the subject of endless conspiracy theories. A devastated Joe DiMaggio claimed her body and arranged her funeral, barring Hollywood's elite. He had a half-dozen red roses delivered 3 times a week to her crypt for 20 years. Unlike her other two husbands or others who knew her (or claimed to), he refused to talk about her publicly or otherwise exploit their relationship. He never remarried.

Offered here is a marvelous and rare United Press Telephoto taken in the judge's chamber moments after the smiling couple were declared "man and wife".

Additional Information
Product ID 120
Category Entertainment, Ephemera, Sports
Circa 1950
Condition excellent; there is a diagonal crease along the length of the photograph to the left of Marilyn`s head which does not interfere with the main image
Price 795.00
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